Before you get started we would like to touch base with you and talk a little about how things work at our CrossFit Box.  Please send me your contact information and a little about what you are looking to get out off your CrossFit experience.  We will get back to you as soon as possible and set up a time for you to come and try a free WOD.


 542 Morgantown Street Uniontown Pa 15401

Phone Number 724-912-6238

Email:   CFUTOWN@gmail.com

People that want to join CrossFit U-Town will need to have a basic knowledge of CrossFit to join in our regular daily WOD's.  If you do not have basic knowledge of Crossfit movements than you will need to take part in a fundamentals course that will help prepare you for our daily WOD'S.   The courses need to be scheduled before attending.  You will need to attend at least 3 of these courses and have all the movements checked off by one of our coaches before you can attend our regular WOD times.  

For information about getting started please fill out the information below.

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